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Grow Instagram With Automation

Why do 1M+ businesses worldwide use ManyChat to grow and scale their Instagram accounts? Register for our FREE webinar to learn more about Instagram Automation.
Wednesdays 9am PST
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Automation Strategies and Templates That Work

Instagram Automation has proven to help brands increase engagement from followers, convert conversations into conversions, and supercharge Instagram growth. We’ll reveal the strategies and templates to take your Instagram account to the next level.

Join Us Wednesday at 9am PST

9 am PST
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Instagram Automation 101

In 30 minutes, ManyChat’s CEO, Mike Yan, will walk you through the number of ways to use Instagram DM Automation—a powerful tool and Facebook-approved Business Partner—that will help you engage with followers while generating followers and leads and sales, instantly.
Mike Yan
9:30 am PST
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Live Demo with ManyChat

Put everything you learned about Instagram DM Automation into action with Kassandra Keeton. Join ManyChat for a live demo and Q&A session.
Kassandra Keeton

Meet the Experts

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Mike Yan

Mike Yan, co-founder and CEO of ManyChat - the #1 Chat Marketing platform helping over 1 million businesses in 190 countries around the world revolutionize how they communicate with their customers. ManyChat enables businesses to leverage Messenger by Facebook, Instagram Automation, SMS, and email for marketing, sales, and support.

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Kassandra Keeton

Kassandra is passionate about empowering others for greater success. So much so, she started her own digital marketing education business to shorten people’s learning curves by breaking down the tech into easy-to-understand, byte-sized pieces. A python developer, entrepreneur, and now the Community Advocate for ManyChat, Kassandra is looking forward to meeting you.

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